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The Sauerbrun Report at one time was a seasonal, bi-weekly publication produced in the great neighborhood of Logan Square (Chicago, IL). After a long hiatus and a ton of water beneath the bridge, TSR resumed publication as a free, online newsletter in March 2006. Its focus on the muscular ex-punter for the Bears, Chiefs, Panthers, Patriots and Broncos has ceased. Instead, TSR will comment on a variety of issues including transportation, politics, punting, gambling, broadcasting and rock and roll.

Now doing business out of a studio apartment on the lower East side of Manhattan, The Sauerbrun Report remains a one-man operation dedicated to enjoying and critiquing media, law-makers, law-breakers and punters.

All photographs on this site are originals (unless otherwise credited) shot with a digital camera by the site’s publisher.

This web site is banned in China.

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  1. Great reading the August TSR…great the French friends enjoyed their visit…now your turn…happy you can make the upcoming vacation.

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